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Our resources will help you better prepare for natural disasters, and to recover afterwards.

Quake Safe Your Home

2020 EQC QuakeSafeNo matter where you live in Aotearoa we all need to take steps that will help make our homes safer in the event of an earthquake. Our Quake Safe Your Home guide shows you how to prepare your home and protect your whānau. 

Quake Safe Your Home 

Te Reo Māori 
Kia Haumaru Tō Kāinga i te Rū 

Gagana Samoa 
La Saogalemu Lou Fale Mai Mafui’e 

Lea Tonga 
Ngaohi ke Malu mo Hao ho 'Api' 'i he Mofuike 


अपने घर को भूकम्प से सुरक्षित बनाएं। 

Préparez votre habitation aux séismes 


More translated versions coming soon.

Quake Safety for young children

2020 EQC QuakeSafeOur Quake Safety for young children guide shows you how to make your child’s room safer for quakes, how to protect your baby or child during an earthquake and how to care for them in an emergency.

Quake safety for young children 

Te Reo Māori 

Te haumaru rū whenua mō ngā tamariki 

Gagana Samoa 
Saogalemu mai mafuie mo fanau laity 

Lea Tonga 
Ko e malu ‘i he mofuiké ‘a e fānau iikí 


Sécurité en cas de tremblement de terre pour les jeunes enfants 



Seguridad sísmica para los más pequeños


Kaligtasan sa lindol para sa maliliit na mga bata

More translated versions coming soon.

NZ Natural Hazards Info and Activity Book

EQC KidsActivityBook 2019How fast can a tsunami travel? Where was NZ’s strongest recorded wind gust? Find the answers, complete the fun activities, and find out the Fix. Fasten. Don’t Forget. steps to make your home stronger and safer with our NZ Natural Hazards Info and Activity Book – just for kids!

Natural Hazards Activity Book

Natural Hazards Activity Book - low ink/colouring in

Natural Hazards Alexa Skill

Our Natural Hazards Skill for Alexa devices is an official collaboration between NHC Toka Tū Ake, GeoNet and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM).

Using MMI data based on GeoNet ‘felt’ reports of earthquakes, Natural Hazards provides information about the strength and location of recent quakes that might have occurred near your location. You can also ask information about earthquakes that might have occurred near New Zealand’s six largest cities.

Following quake information, NHC Toka Tū Ake and Civil Defence tips are provided to help you prepare your homes and yourself for various natural hazards.

Learn more on the Amazon Skills website(external link)

Guide to making a claim

If you have been affected by a natural hazard event, navigating the claims process can be a challenging time. This Guide to making a claim gives you more information on: 

  • Making urgent repairs
  • Your natural hazards cover 
  • The claims process 
  • How much you're covered for 
  • The Code of Insured Persons' Rights.

Guide to natural hazards cover

Natural hazards cover helps you rebuild or repair your home if it’s damaged after a natural hazard event. In this Guide to natural hazards cover you'll learn more about: 

  • Get to know your natural hazards cover 
  • Natural hazards you're covered for 
  • Cover for your home
  • Cover for your land 
  • What we don't cover 
  • Excess for natural hazard cover claims 
  • How to make a claim 
  • The Code of Insured Persons Rights.