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Navigating the claims process following a natural disaster can be a challenging time. Find out how to make a new claim, and about the usual claims process including assessment and cash settlement. We also offer guidance for buying or selling a home with previous claims, which includes asking us for claim information.

make a new claim
Make a new claim

In most cases you should make new claims for natural hazard damage through your private insurer.

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Manage an existing claim

In most cases you should contact your insurer for an update on an open claim or if more damage is found after settlement

claims assessor visits a home
Claims process

When you make a claim there are a number of steps that you and your insurer need to work through to resolve it.

take photos to support claim
Take photos to support your claim

How to take photos to support your natural hazards cover claim, what photos to take, and what to do once you’ve taken photos.

house for sale
Buying or selling a home with previous claims

There are some steps that you should consider, including requesting claim information and assigning the rights of a claim.

requesting claim information
Request information

You can make official requests for information from us, such as claim information on a property, using our online form.