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Insurance and claims

Helping New Zealanders recover from the impact of natural hazards is at the heart of what we do at NHC Toka Tū Ake. We provide natural hazards insurance cover, to help you rebuild or repair your home if it is damaged by a natural disaster.

Top down view of house and land
About natural hazards cover

Our natural hazards cover provides the first layer of insurance cover for your home, and limited cover for your land.

flooding damage
Cover for storm, flood and landslide

After severe weather events we can contribute to the cost of cleaning up your land as a part of your settlement.

claims assessor visits a home

Navigate the natural hazard damage claims process, and what to do when buying or selling a home with previous claims.

our partnership wit insurers
Our partnership with insurers

We work with most private insurers to simplify the process for making a claim for natural hazard damage.

hands fixing plumbing pipe with wrench
Making urgent repairs

Talk to your insurer before starting on any urgent repairs to your home or land after a natural hazard event.  

man reads document in the kitchen
Section notices

If certain section notices appear on a property title this can affect natural hazards cover and the outcome of any claims.

Houses on a hill in christchurch
Canterbury earthquakes

We’re working hard to resolve outstanding Canterbury claims so no one continues to live in earthquake damaged homes.