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Home buyers

There’s a lot to think about when buying a new home and top of your list might not be how it will stand up to a natural hazard. But disasters happen, and all New Zealand homes are at some risk of damage.

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Before you buy

  • Check local council files on the property that might help you understand any natural hazard risks associated with the property’s location, and to ensure any building or construction work has appropriate consents.

  • Understand what features of a home might make it more at risk of damage from natural hazards. Consider the potential cost of any construction or repair work needed and talk with your lawyer about how this might affect your offer.

  • Organise a home inspection report by an appropriately qualified professional such as an independent building surveyor or structural engineer to assess and identify possible issues.

  • Check the Natural Hazards Portal(external link) to see if the property has had a natural hazards cover claim for damage in the past. 
saver homes
Know what makes a safer home

Certain features can make some homes more susceptible to damage in a natural disaster.

Units townhouses and apartments
Apartments and shared property

If you’re thinking about buying a unit, townhouse or apartment, you might need to consider different things to a standalone house.

Buying a home thats had an EQC claim
Buying a home that's had an natural hazards cover claim

Find out whether the home has had a natural hazards cover claim, and what to be aware of if a property claim is being transferred.

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Insurance, reports and legal advice

Sometimes the list of things to think about when buying a home can seem overwhelming.