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Make a new claim

Find out who to contact if you want to make a new claim for natural disaster damage. In most cases you should make a claim through your private insurer. They manage claims on our behalf and will be your single point of contact.

Make a claim with your insurer

Contact your insurer to make a claim if your home is damaged by a natural hazard event. Most insurers work on our behalf to assess and manage your claim from start to finish. They will be your single point of contact during the claims process and can answer any questions you have. You can usually make a claim with your insurer online or over the phone. 

Our insurer partners and their contact details

If you have an insurance broker

Brokers may be able to manage most communication with your insurer on your behalf, and make a claim for you if you authorise them to do so. Contact your broker to confirm how they can assist you with your claim.

When to make a claim with NHC Toka Tū Ake

NHC Toka Tū Ake manage a small number of claims directly. Please contact us if:

To make a claim through us, please use the lodge a claim form, or call us on 0800 DAMAGE.

If the new claim is for a building that has more than 10 units, or you are based overseas, please call us directly on 0800 DAMAGE.

If you don’t know who your insurer is, we can keep a record of the natural hazard damage to your property for you using this web form. However, your claim will not be progressed until you have identified your insurer and lodged a claim with them.

claims assessor visits a home
Claims process
When you make a claim there are a number of steps that you and your insurer need to work through to resolve it.
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Manage an existing claim
In most cases you should contact your insurer for an update on an open claim or if more damage is found after settlement.
our partnership with insurers
Our partnership with insurers
We work with most private insurers to simplify the process for making a claim for natural hazard damage.