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Calling about an existing claim?

We will generally be able to locate your natural hazards cover claim using one/any of the following:

  • Address of your damaged property
  • Full name of the insured persons
  • EQCover or NHCover claim number, eg. CLM/2011/000000 (for-Canterbury related claims) or EQC/2018/000000 (for all other EQCover claims), or NHC/2024/000000 (for all other NHCover claims)

If you have been assigned a Claim Manager, you may already have their contact details, and should attempt to contact them first. 

If not, please call 0800 DAMAGE so we can provide you with your Claim Manager/Specialist contact details.

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, so you will be asked verifying questions before we can discuss any claim related information with you.