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Natural Hazards Portal

The Natural Hazards Portal makes it easy to find information on natural hazard risks in your community.

The Natural Hazards Portal supports people and communities to make informed choices about where they reside, so we can live in an Aotearoa New Zealand that is resilient to natural hazards.  

You can:

  • see settled EQCover or NHCover claims from 1997 onwards on residential properties throughout Aotearoa New Zealand
  • access local and national-level risk information from multiple government agencies, such as Council hazard maps. 

Natural hazard claims information includes:  

  • the property address
  • the natural hazard event date 
  • event type 
  • claim type (land or building).

Claims which are still open and being assessed are not included on the map.

Visit the Natural Hazards Portal(external link)(external link)

A resilient New Zealand is one in which the potential consequences of natural hazards are carefully considered and included in everyday decisions and long-term planning. 

Together, we want to prioritise the management of natural hazard risk, so the wellbeing of our communities is protected into the future.