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New Zealand Geotechnical Database

The New Zealand Geotechnical Database (NZGD) allows data from geotechnical tests to be uploaded once and shared many times.


Researchers, councils, engineers and developers who are part of the NZGD are able to upload data and freely access the results of geotechnical tests that have already been done rather than commissioning their own.

The NZGD(external link) now has more than 7000 users and holds test data with an estimated value of more than $500 million.

In 2020, Natural Hazards Commission Toka Tū Ake took over full funding of the NZGD for 3 years while a future strategy for the NZGD is being developed by with stakeholders and users.

More information

To find out more or join the New Zealand Geotechnical Database, visit the NZGD website